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Darrell DeWard

Real Estate Professional | Darrell DeWard is a licensed real estate agent serving the West Michigan area. He specializes in investment/ income property, and higher-end residential properties. He and his firms have been a part of countless house-flips, remodels, rental property and many other transactions over the past 20 years.

Darrell has been married to the woman of his dreams for 18 years and is the father of 4 kids. He and his family love the outdoors and staying active.

How does Darrell differ from other agents?

>20 years experience as a buyer and seller in countless real estate investment transactions. He knows first hand what it is like to be in a seller’s… and a buyer’s shoes… and more than most- due to the volume of transactions he’s been a part of. This has resulted in a very unique and aggressive approach to both buying and selling a home, which means his buyers save money when they buy, and his sellers get more money when they sell.

>Maximizing the sale price… and Minimizing the purchase price. Taking his experience as a house-flipper, Darrell has a very unique inside-look at what updates provide the greatest ROI for a seller, as well as how to market the home to maximize the sale price. He also has a keen ability to know what his buyers are looking for, find it, and negotiate the purchase price to get his buyers the best deal possible.

> Contacts. From quality contractors and vendors, to quality lenders and title companies, and everyone in between, Darrell has a vast network of reliable and reasonably-priced contacts that he freely shares with his clients. This saves his clients thousands of dollars every month and makes things go so much more smoothly leveraging his good quality relationships.

> Unique Problem-Solving. One of his strongest assets is his problem solving ability- particularly when it comes to real estate (problems with a home, problems with title work, problems with negotiation, etc.). He specializes in coming up with creative ways to solve challenging situations.

> A True Expert- a consultant and teacher. Darrell has served as Vice President of the Rental Property Owners Association (RPOA) and Real Estate Investors Association of Michigan and has been elected and re-elected to the Board of Directors for these and other large association that serve the real estate industry. He has been hired as a consultant to countless clients all over the country to help them with their real estate needs. He teaches state-approved/endorsed continuing-education classes to real estate agents. He shows other professionals how it's done.

Don’t take his word for it. Go to and read actual recommendation letters from his clients.

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