Eastown Gems

Did you know that Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan? Being such a large city, many of its outside communities can be overlooked or missed because of all the hustle and bustle of the downtown area.  More than likely, someone visiting Grand Rapids for the first time is going to want to experience downtown, but what about the community just 5 minutes away from downtown Grand Rapids? The East side, or more commonly known as Eastown, is a 70 square block, vibrant neighborhood with a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment that cater to a diverse community. Many of the businesses you find in Eastown are locally owned by people who are actively involved within the community. Part of what makes Eastown so great is the compassion the business owners have for preserving and enhancing the quality features that Eastown has to offer.

Many of our realtors actually live in Eastown, East Hills, etc. and know the community as their own. They love working with buyers, sellers, and investors in the area, because they have the advantage of knowing the market so well. Not only that, but they frequent the local eateries, shops, and businesses, and can testify that Eastown is not only a vibrant, beautiful town, but that it is one of the best communities in Grand Rapids to invest in. Home values are up, so sellers have certainly benefitted from this seller’s market, buyers are eager to move to Eastown because of its growth and “local business” and diverse feel, and investors are also eager to buy properties that they can rent to young professionals attending schools nearby.

So, next time your in Grand Rapids, or more importantly, if you’re looking to buy or invest, consider Eastown.

Check out this list of some of the local businesses, and hot spots in Eastown. We’re sure that once you visit, you’ll want to make Eastown your home!


  • Yesterdog: Restaurant specializing in hot dogs
  • Wolfgangs: Specializes in all things breakfast




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