When it’s time to actually move those boxes over to your new home, we recommend hiring a moving company to alleviate the hassle. Why? Professional moving companies understand that closing on a home, packing, etc. can be a stressful experience, and it is their job to make the process easier for you! Do yourself a favor and avoid the heavy lifting! After all, moving companies are experienced movers and know how to work quickly, efficiently, and give you the peace of mind you need that everything will be delivered to your new home safely.
Wondering who to hire? Icon Realty recommends working with Quick and Careful Moving. They strive to protect your belongings as they would if they were their own.
“When it comes to your belongings, we care like you care. From tying or strapping down goods that would otherwise move and shift during shipments, to coating your furniture with high performance stretch film – we know how to handle each situation and protect items as we would if they were our own.” 
Visit Quick and Careful Moving’s website for more information!
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