T-9 days until #ArtPrize 8!

Can YOU believe that ArtPrize started 8 years ago as simply an experiment? Who could have known that it would turn into a worldwide phenomenon hosted by our humble city? Take advantage of the opportunity to immerse yourself in our city, culture, and art. Starting September 21, Grand Rapids will literally turn into a FREE art exhibit, and you’ll want to make sure you check it out!


Now, here at Icon Realty Group, we believe that ArtPrize 8 is going to be bigger and better than ever! Don’t just take our word for it though. According to experiencegr.com, ArtPrize 8 is kicking off with “Preview Week,” which is a new opportunity to get a, you guessed it, preview of what ArtPrize will look like this year. Starting September 14 and running through September 20, local residents, as well as, those from out of town, will get a “sneak peak” at ArtPrize installations. While voting and full access to ArtPrize 8 artwork will not be granted until September 21, “Preview Week” will help structure events, receptions, etc., and will support ArtPrize partners.

For more details and information on “Preview Week” venues, click here!


Not only is ArtPrize 8 hosting “Preview Week,” but many participating hotels in Grand Rapids are offering a free shuttle service for out of town guests as well (or local guests who simply want to make their ArtPrize 8 experience memorable with a little weekend getaway).

Book your stay today! 


You’ll also want to check out the “Blue Bridge Music Fest” held on September 30 and October 1. Living in a city that embraces both music and art has it’s perks!


This 19 day event is going to be one to remember! There are so many reasons why you should check it out, but perhaps, this is the most important reason: Our city embraces both individuality and community, and ArtPrize 8 is the perfect opportunity to showcase these values. ArtPrize highlights individual accomplishments through the literal art pieces, but also exemplifies community by hosting an event that brings us all together. Not only do we vote together, but we also come together to embrace our differences, talents, and culture. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city that is so successful at bringing it’s individual members together?


At Icon Realty Group, we are honored to live in such a fabulous city.



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