Finding your home’s correct value

Be careful when looking at your home value on websites like Zillow as they only use an algorithm to come up with a price. By using a Realtor, we can factor in your home’s unique features, updates, and current condition, as well as recent sales in your area. We do our research and will present you with a free market analysis of your home with an accurate list price from the onset. The first two weeks a listing is on the market is the most critical! If a home is priced incorrectly it could keep potential buyers away. If a home is on the market for too long, potential buyers may think something might be wrong with the home and can tend to look past it. Our goal is to establish a balance that nets our clients the maximum profit, by giving maximum exposure to all potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

The outside of the home is the first thing potential buyers will see, so it is critical that it looks as nice as possible. Most buyers will drive by a listing before they have their showing, so it’s important to give the impression that a home is well taken care of. Touch up paint, a neatly groomed lawn, and manicured landscaping can go a long way toward peaking a potential buyer’s interests.


Staging is a decision that can make a huge impact on the perceived value of a home. When a decision is made to list a home for sale, focus on taking out the clutter in order to make the home feel as spacious as possible. Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves living in the home, so appeal to them by tucking away personal items, such as photos and personalized trinkets. By doing this, potential buyers will get the impression of a home that is inviting, open, and well maintained.


Buyers need to see the inside of a home for it to sell. While most agents try to give as much notice as possible, sometimes there will be a showing request on short notice. It is important to be as flexible with showings as possible. It’s also important to keep the home as clean and tidy as possible just in case there is a short notice showing.

Branding your home

It’s important to find a way to make a home stand out from the rest. Most potential buyers will have viewed many homes but adding a simple personal touch can cause a house stand out above the rest. Having something ready for potential buyers will go a long way in terms of remembering your home. It could be: a scented candle, some refreshments placed out, a personalized letter telling what you love about your home, or even a nice brochure.


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