Choosing to buy

Buying a home can be a life changing experience. By owning a home you can enjoy plenty of financial advantages like: appreciation potential, equity buildup, and tax benefits. Many people find that buying a home was the best decision they ever made!

Getting Pre-approved

A good loan officer will want to take a look at your finances prior to issuing you a pre-approval letter. Most likely you will need to submit information about your income, assets, and expenses. Once you have submitted this information you should have a pre-approval in hand in about 24 hours. Then it’s on to the fun part, starting your home search!

Creating your personalized search

We like to sit down with our clients in order to find out what they value in a home. We consider the surrounding neighborhoods, price range, and special features based on each client’s goals! Once we gather all that information, we put together a customized search that will update our clients via email the moment a new home that matches your criteria hits the market.

Touring the property

We will schedule showings for our clients. Some homes are vacant, so we can schedule showings for any time. However, most homes are occupied and they can require 24 hour notice. Also, there might be only certain timeframes available when a home can be shown. So please remember to be as flexible as possible.

Negotiating the contract

After you find the perfect home, it’s time to make an offer. We can quickly put together an offer once you decide on a home. We use industry leading software that allows you to sign a contract on your computer or cellphone. This saves everyone time and allows our offer to be quickly received, giving us the advantage. We also make sure to carefully review the contract and add contingencies that allow our buyers out of the deal if any potential problems arise.

Due Diligence

Once the offer is accepted we will order a property inspection to take a detailed look at the property. Usually, you will have 10 days to complete your inspections. Having a property inspection is always recommended because it can expose issues that were hidden to the naked eye. We realize it’s always best to have all the bases covered regarding the due diligence phase.

Closing and enjoying your new home!

Once the lender issues us a “clear to close” we will then set up a closing date that fits best with our client’s schedule. An escrow officer will oversee the closing. You will need to bring a certified check for any funds needed and will sign the required paperwork. Once that is complete you will get the keys and you are now the proud owner of a new home! Congratulations!


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